Frequently Asked Questions

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How will you determine the value of the house?

We look at the location of the property and the condition. We will show you all the latest closed sales, factor    in the repairs, and show you an offer you can’t refuse.

Will you buy my house if there is a tenant in it?

Yes! We are experienced professionals and know how to work with tenants so there will be minimal disruption for all parties.

Should I make the repairs before you see or sell my house?

We will buy your house in As-Is condition, so you won’t have to worry about doing any repairs. This includes mold, bad roofs, etc. No repair is too big for us.

How soon can you close? How soon can I get my money?

As soon as we have clear title, we can close and you can have your cash!

Will I have any pressure to sell my house to you?

Not at all! We will make a fair market, cash, As Is offer and you can take your time to think about it.

I need help with moving! I have too many things, the house is full of stuff!

Don’t worry, we will take care of all those things for you. Just take whatever you need and on the day of the closing, collect your cash.

How do I know I am not getting ripped off?

We are fully licensed professionals who only use the Florida Bar approved contract, written by lawyers who are more focused on protecting sellers! We do not write up our own contracts. You are fully protected!