Why sell to us? Glad you asked.

Mani con chiavi sfondo porta di casa

Selling a house is a huge decision. A home is usually one of our biggest assets, but sometimes we need access to the cash tied up in the house quickly and with as little hassle as possible.


Having difficult tenants can create a lot of stress in our lives and it can become too painful to deal with the problems, especially when we live far away from the property. Sometimes it’s because we have a tax debt we cannot pay and it’s better to move. Or perhaps we inherited a property and it’s too much work to get it all cleaned up for sale. Or we simply want to move on and have a new beginning because of divorce, financial pressure, or the house may simply be too big or small.


We are a family team of professionals who have dedicated ourselves to helping owners sell their homes for fair market value since 2007.


We went through our own financial struggles, so we understand that behind every house for sale there is a real person, a family, who needs to get all the cash they possibly can to start a new beginning.


We are different from every other investor you will deal with. We are ethical, fair, and transparent. We will make sure you get the best possible deal for you and your family.

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